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Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral Health Providers is a group of practitioners whose services offered include specialized assessment and treatment for clients with neurocognitive disorders, memory, mood, sleep, and adjustment disorders.

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Fees for services provided may be covered through private health insurance, major medical insurance, Medicare, State and federal workers’ compensation payers, and cash pay. Our medical billing provider will verify your coverage and benefits prior to beginning treatment.

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After an initial evaluation by a team member, one of the following assessments may be recommended:

  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Psychodiagnostic Testing
  • Bariatric Surgery Evaluation
  • Pre-Surgical Evaluation
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Types of treatment recommended or offered may include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Consultations
  • Support Groups
  • Cognitive Training (Rehacom)
  • Family Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Living Options
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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote our patient’s health and dignity with a personalized approach to behavioral care directed to support the person served and their families.

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Goal Directed
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Patient & Caregiver Centered
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Trust Us To Be There To Help & Make Things Well.

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